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John's Story

disabled helped by missionary in India
John with disabled believer
John lives in southern India. He is a young man with a real heart for the Lord. Living in area where the day-to-day comforts we enjoy are not found and unlike the west where they are taken for granted, he serves in extreme poverty. He is an obedient servant of Jesus Christ. John and his family work in an environment spiritually hostile to the furtherance of the Gospel and the saving of souls.

John cited Psalm 81:7as he wrote to me about his family's journey. His dad was from a Hindu family and his mother, a Catholic. His dad was actually well off at one time owning an auto body business in the city. John's mother raised catholic, always prayed to God but her husband sinned and continued in it. This was all headed for disaster, but God...

When John was still very young, God began to work in this family. In the midst of business success, John's dad was being consumed with sin. He had bought into sin and was sinking fast. John's dad stopped supporting his family and ran around and served his fleshly desires. John's dad had a friend, walking in the Spirit, that tried to speak to him about Jesus. His friend was met with scorn and even a cursing of God and His Son. At the home front, John's mom was reaching out to our Father. She had not been spiritually hardened by the soft physical comforts they enjoyed before the fall of his dad's finances. One day his mom had welcomed a Pentecostal minister into the family home to pray for the situation. This man of God actually prophesied in front of his dad, this man drowning in sin, that he would be used strongly by the true God. John's dad scoffed and laughed at this pastor, but God...

Sometimes God gets our attention through our own sin and consequence. In ways that resulted in personal circumstances where a sinful world looked upon them as being accursed, the future of his family was becoming bleak really fast. When John's dad fell ill with a fever, his dad's business partner stole money and pilfered anything of value from the business and ran away with everything. His partner took it all to pay for his daughter's expensive wedding. His old partner died very soon after, within a week, with fever and diarrhea. This left his dad was on the hook for business debts, customer's money for work not performed. People began to come to the family house. His dad tried to make it up but with rent on two shops and payroll, etc., he hid out. When the kids were followed and harassed coming from school, the family tried to move into their other home to hide. The police became involved and they arrested his dad and beat him. They wanted the money and the thief had taken everything. His mom was at home crying out to God with no food for the family. In this very sad state, John's dad remembered what he had heard about God. He got down on his knees in prison and cried out for God to save them. The family went from having the comforts of life to having nothing very quickly. The family was left and was destitute and hungry, begging from others. John's mom asked the minister for help. The pastor arraigned for his dad's bail to be paid.

John's dad was not off the hook. He had to check in twice a day with the police. He was squeezed between the police and the realities of paying salaries, rent and restitution. It was too much for him to do, so he contemplated ending it all.  John's dad devised a plan to solve the pains of poverty in which he and his family had suddenly found themselves.   John's dad first decided to go to a pond and for the family to be drowned.  He was met by the pastor who stopped it.  Then  He had purchased poison and so they could all kill themselves, but God...

A knock came at the door. Too afraid to open it, John's dad stood in fear. The pastor was on the other side and convinced his dad to open the door and let him inside. Pastor inquired as to why his dad wanted to commit suicide. Pastor had brought food and a word about what God wanted. He told him that God had a plan for his life and that he wanted him to minister to the poor in the village. The pastor asked him if he would do it. His dad agreed. The case went to court and his dad was exonerated. In short, what was to be suicide and life ending, became a new beginning! God had taken away all the stuff of this world so that this family could see and understand the true Love of Jesus! Yes, our Father brought this family through some things that has purified their hearts and comforted their souls.

It was not easy though. John's dad was shown some verses because he still had it in his mind to continue in the auto business. He contemplated on: James 4: 13-17; Isaiah 45: 22; Matthew 11: 28-30; James 5. Meanwhile the family still hungered for nourishment. His dad feared God after the scriptures and decided with his whole heart to serve God and they went to the village. They moved into a tent and transitioned to a partially constructed shack with a leaky roof and no power. John, his dad and brother survived but it was very hard. John had a friend that attended an orphan school where his friend ate one meal a day. John pleaded that his brother and he may also go there but were met with objection because they were not orphans. After crying out to the man in charge, they were enrolled. Shortly after that and seeing his family without food, John took some food from the school without permission, a deed for which he was scolded. After he pleaded that his mom was home pregnant and described the very dire situation, along with the facts that his dad was often traveling spreading the Gospel, he was forgiven.

The ministry grew with a dozen converts staying up all nights worshiping and singing to Jesus. In the village there was much worship of idols. John's dad was met with cursing and a man beat him badly. He kept on and John cites: Matthew 5:11-12. The people of the village surrounded the man that beat his dad and the ministry now a foothold in the village. From that very humble base of operations the ministry has spread into nearby slums and poor people of the region are hearing about the Love of God! 
Orphans helped in India Chriatians
John's home gathering with the orphans
Orphan ministry in India
Little one that now has LIFE!
The ministry has grown to providing for twenty four orphans in house. God has spoken to John, now in his early 20's, and his dad through His Word as John cites: Isaiah 58:7; James 1: 26-27. John and his dad rescue orphans that are enslaved by cruel people and forced to work for no pay, simply because of their poor state and lack of family to help them. They take in the disabled and those left without because of parents that are alcoholics. The ministry has grown to fifteen locations. Many of these places have no shelter but they have devoted pastors that have been called by God. The weather often makes it hard to meet and to worship without shelter.Life in this area of the world is very difficult. Those that can work and when they can work only earn enough money to buy two meals for the day. The pay rate for a man's full day will not buy his food for the day. That is when the weather is good. Rainy season, they go hungry. Life is very hard, full of darkness and sickness, without good clothing, shoes, or food to eat. Little girls are married off at thirteen years old.

John has seen both sides of life, the easy and the hard. Young John had lived a comfortable life when he was very young. John is educated. He is well aware of how the creature comforts some enjoy in this life and we find common in the West, can actually lull one to sleep, spiritually. In a land where status is judged largely by ownership of material things, John works for greater reward.

Congregation helping orphans in India
One of the 15 congregations John serves

John and his family have devoted their lives for the past fifteen years to work with widows and orphans in a land that regards these less fortunate as accursed and worthy of nothing. In his world, when a woman loses her husband, she is kicked to the side of the road. Many hungry women and children roam the roads and succumb to malnutrition and disease. John writes: “...our ministry with shabby people in this world but they are gold people in the sight of God...”
Teacing orphans in India
John helping with the orphans

I will be adding to this blog with more info.  Reach out to John by email by posting here.  I do not want spammers to harass him.  I will be glad to send you the address.  You can also IM him on Facebook:  John Jessy

John with the 24 orphans at home church

indoa orphans and widows
John handing out Bibles.  For $3 each he was able to deliver over a hundred to the nearby congregations.

india orphans and widows beinf fed
Imagine:  Your gift directly goes to feeding starving widows and orphans.  AND then they give thanks pray for you!

Love gifts go right to the field, unlike many charities that spend the money on administration, marketing, etc.  Western Union charges ZERO to use their service.  John uses the money only as designated.  His family often goes without food in order to feed the orphans and widows.  No middleman, no big charity with overhead means all of the money goes straight to the field.  Contact John and speak with him by Facebook chat or email.  He is a true man of God.  I will be writing more posts about life in his village and related topics.

There is no greater feeling than to receive photos from the orphans and widows eating food that you provided.  They lift your name up in prayer.

I did not want a bunch of spamming to John so I list a screen capture of his contact info.  Drop him a line or two.  You will be blessed!

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