Sunday, May 8, 2016


This happened about a month ago and John was mourning and weeping over the loss of a friend.  Samson was blind since birth and could not read but he had an audio bible that he memorized.  He preached and worshiped very energetically, even so to the point of being mocked by some "christian" pastors.  He challenged sin when he discerned it and it cost him his life.  He was beaten to death by Hindus.  He is now rejoicing in Heaven!
Samson (left) pictured with John's dad.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

John's Home and Family

Old photo:  John's home which is used as the Church.  A lean-to was built on the right side where he sleeps with the Orphans.

This is the lean-to built onto the house (Church)
John's Dad and Mon  (Joshua and Anuradha)

John's brother "DD"

John's Sister Buela Rama

The kids

The kids in the lean-to (at home)
John sitting on what will be the front porch addition - still waiting for some materials.
8 people cram in this cab to venture out to slums to evangelize, etc.  1000 Rupees for 12 hours ($15) 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

John's friend help him put this together but the amazing thing is that they did it with a phone app!  He sent it to me in pieces over facebook (because his connection is so bad) and I reassembled it.