Saturday, June 11, 2016

If you want to give and see your money go to the good and not to fill a middleman's pockets:

;Truly today we are inundated with heart wrenching stories from the mission fields. We, as Christians often wonder if our gifts actually make it to the field to actually help in the good work for Jesus. In the USA there are so many 501c3 established ministries that follow the law of the land, are legal in their actions but many of the funds are swallowed up in administration and marketing. How many reading this have become soured on giving to these established outreaches? How many question where the money actually goes? Started with good intent, sadly many of these ministries grow into a service of mammon. This is because success in the administration of ministry often gets sidetracked on the idea that the amount of money taken in is a reflection of success. Even sadder is the fact that men profit even though the law allows a non-profit status. I don't want to go on about the failures I have witnessed and supported because I don't want to further the negative discourse, but I ask you all to consider John. He is an amazing young man not because he is a great man, but because he walks lowly in spirit with God. All the info is below to get into contact with John.

I am posting  pictures of Moses who John's ministry has helped. Moses had tuberculosis and died today. He went on to be with the Lord.
John has been such a blessing to me and to others. I often bring my burdens to him for prayer and advice. John is walking with the Holy Spirit and often can tell me things that I would not have known. I am always careful of things like this but I find his advice (yes a man in his early 20's giving me, aged 56, advice). I encourage everyone to contact John. He is an amazing servant of the Lord and a true blessing to me.