Saturday, June 11, 2016

If you want to give and see your money go to the good and not to fill a middleman's pockets:

;Truly today we are inundated with heart wrenching stories from the mission fields. We, as Christians often wonder if our gifts actually make it to the field to actually help in the good work for Jesus. In the USA there are so many 501c3 established ministries that follow the law of the land, are legal in their actions but many of the funds are swallowed up in administration and marketing. How many reading this have become soured on giving to these established outreaches? How many question where the money actually goes? Started with good intent, sadly many of these ministries grow into a service of mammon. This is because success in the administration of ministry often gets sidetracked on the idea that the amount of money taken in is a reflection of success. Even sadder is the fact that men profit even though the law allows a non-profit status. I don't want to go on about the failures I have witnessed and supported because I don't want to further the negative discourse, but I ask you all to consider John. He is an amazing young man not because he is a great man, but because he walks lowly in spirit with God. All the info is below to get into contact with John.



  1. Brother Bob, where can we read John's testimony again? Thank you brother.

  2. You have clearly described the problem with 501(C)3 charities in very few words. The other side of this coin is that it encourages otherwise sincere and generous people to donate primarily with tax deduction benefits in mind, rather than giving freely and joyfully out of a genuine spirit of charity or paying attention to where their donations really go.

    Years ago I co-founded a 501(C)3 homeless shelter. Quickly, I learned first-hand how completely the government takes over the organization's mission and resources, and transforms it into little more than a paperwork factory and perpetual fund-raising machine, almost entirely at the mercy of the greasy palms at City Hall.

    The most shameful example of all - look up "non-profit" CEO salaries online, and you'll quickly realize how the cancer industry has become a truly epic evil force (farce) that leaves us precisely *zero* closer to a cure for cancer than we were before this corrupt trillion dollar industry even existed, while these organizations exploit terrifying (read: *terror*) graphic images of suffering and dying adults and children to fill their own coffers and maintain their profitable "non-profit" empires and jobs.

    Even worse, anti-smoking hate groups within the cancer industry receive revenue from never-ending tobacco tax increases on the world's 1.5 billion smokers, and then kick this tax revenue back to the very legislators who increased those taxes in the first place as "campaign contributions" - all disguised under the sweet-sounding banner of "saving the children". It's just a savage, grotesque, sick and twisted system, under the influence of Hell, built on corruption nearly indistinguishable from organized crime. Yet the masses flock to donate time and money to the trillion dollar cancer industry, "run for the cure" (what cure?), etc, because a television set or NPR told them it was a good idea.

    It is such a colossal waste and misappropriation of time and global resources, combined with a mass delusion that something "good" is being done (again, where is that "cure", exactly?), that I can only assume this is the work of the Deceiver, who does not want your generosity going toward anything truly meaningful, like mission fields.

    Better to take the power of the "non-profit" delusion away from demonic forces and simply donate your gifts directly where it is needed and will be used, forget about the tax deduction, and enjoy the sincere gratitude and smiles from people whom YOU directly helped with your charitable giving! That's the kind of mission support I prefer (like John's mission here).